Thanking God for Evolution

The previously mentioned teleseries ‘The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity’ has been going spectacularly well with almost 30 episodes to date, and really demonstrates what can take place when leading thinkers come together and discuss possibilities from a place of hope and inspiration.  Just in time for Christmas, Thank God for Evolution by the host of the teleseries Michael Dowd arrived in the post, and this has been the perfect complement to my listening.

When I first heard about this book, my initial thoughts were ‘oh no not another religious answer to evolution’.  What it turned out to be was the most thoughtful and inspiring account of what evolution can mean in the realms of faith OR no-faith.  Dowd writes and speaks like you would expect from a charismatic evangelist, with a heart towards the awe-inspiring nature of the cosmos.  I’ve been particularly impressed with the way he has also engaged in blogging along with the series, responding to the majority of enquirers, and expressing the most gracious spirit in the face of the severest detractors.  It’s always a thrill to engage with an author, especially when the book is so very good, and I have had the privilege of doing so on the blog.

What’s also thrilling is to see Michael’s response on my thoughts for Open Source Spirituality.  I’ll write more on that later as I develop my ideas a bit more; suffice to say that I envisage an online movement and community of spiritual practitioners using the concept of open source to produce and extend spiritual practices relevant for today.  Open source allows for both free distribution and modification; the software running this blog was designed under this model.  It is a brilliant collaborative method that underpins much of the technology driving the Internet, and would fit well with the evolution of spirituality and religion.


2 thoughts on “Thanking God for Evolution”

  1. Thanks for the generous post, Gary! It’s true that I think your Open Source approach to spirituality is right on. I look forward to interacting with you further on this topic.


    ~ Michael

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