New Inspiration

This morning I went back to church.  And it was not your average service, for I was privileged to experience some special guests, who in the past I had cherished as deeply enriching my faith.  Sons of Korah happened to be performing, a band whose music is based completely on the Psalms.  The most amazing thing was that I did not know they were going to be there.  I was returning to church as a means of experiencing fellowship, to get beyond the loneliness that I have expressed elsewhere on this blog.  To see them was a sheer thrill, and my heart and imagination was captured in a delight that I have not experienced in a long time.

The songs were all familiar, yet there was a new resonance – that of an evolutionary perspective, which allowed me to appreciate the music far more than in the past.  I took the lyrics as the embodiment of the author’s unique time and place experience.  In doing so, I could see the richness of the metaphorical language, which places God in a far more immanent position than I previously realized.  God wasn’t ‘out there’ somewhere – in the language of the Psalms, the land and experience of war brought forth images of the nature of God.

Additionally, I could also see God at work in the beautiful instrumentation and the passion of the band.  And God was present in so many ways throughout the service.  This God – the one who always is, always was, and always will be – the ever-present oneness, giver of every breath, impulse of evolution – is worthy of worship and praise.


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