An Integral Quote….

Here’s a quote from the book Integral Life Practice, which uses the Integral philosophy of Ken Wilber to devise essential spiritual practices for the 21st century.  It will definitely inform my thoughts as I develop ideas on an open source approach to spiritual practice.

This addresses a serious need.  A Buddhist could easily discuss with a friend in the same tradition how to apply his or her spiritual practice to life challenges.  But could a Buddhist do that with a Christian? Or a Muslim? The same holds true for spiritual aspirants outside of these traditions. We need to begin to engage a practice conversation across and beyond traditions.  The growing international community of spiritual practice needs to establish a common vocabulary if we are to come together in service of the greater good. Thus, this book begins a conversation about a new evolutionary direction in personal practice, one that will be continued by future explorers on the edges of human potential.  Integral Life Practice is helping to define an emerging field of study, inquiry, and application.



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