Evolving Thought

Change is constant.

My absence from writing stems from a lack of inspiration, especially given the variability of my thoughts and beliefs.

The most visible manifestation of this on the blog at the moment is the removal of the feed for the Evolutionary Christianity blog.  This morning I realized just how much I differ from the views of the blog’s author, Michael Dowd, that I could not have his words side-by-side with mine.  Dowd calls himself a ‘Christian Naturalist’.  In other words, scientific rationalism and materialism cloaked in Christian language.  Dowd seeks to affirm both the insights of science and the language of faith in a kind of marriage, as he puts it.

As much as I have gained immensely from the podcast series he produced where he interviewed a wide variety of people on the spectrum of evolution and Christianity, I simply can’t accept his conclusions.  For Dowd, death is the end of life.  There is no concept of life beyond death, life beyond this realm.  God is seen simply as the language of Reality, of life as it is.  Dowd’s presentation in Thank God for Evolution is to completely re-interpret all of scripture in light of Darwin.

Funnily enough, I believe God used Dowd to draw me back to faith in Christ.  I needed his thoughts to call my doubts back to seeking God, back to the need for fellowship in a good church.  That’s what makes God so profound and lovely; he will use anything to draw his lost sheep back into his pasture.

Instead of being driven by doubt, I have chosen to cast it aside in favour of faith.  Both doubt and faith are merely different orientations towards Mystery.  One looks at Mystery with scepticism and reduction; the other looks at Mystery in awe and wonder.


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