Becoming Generously Orthodox

I need to blog more often.  It’s a creative output that balances the large amount of information that I take in from so many different sources, and gives me an opportunity to both process and chew on what I’m reading, and also share it with a wider audience.

It’s also a really good confessional!!

Unfortunately, I often fall into spells of self-pity, depression, and laxity, such that my motivations fall away, and I move towards whatever entertainment or pleasure I can consume.  Given that I am a product of a consumerist culture, this really is no surprise.

So today I went to church feeling rather downcast.  I’ve been disappointed in my abysmal social life, and lack of opportunities to meet people.  And I wanted to put the church partly to blame.  Yet as is often the case, God brings ease and comfort in my time of pain through the actions of a very imperfect church, such that I walk away feeling strangely lighter.

And I borrowed a book through the church library called A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren (which, if you’ve been here before, would know is my favourite author). Although I’m currently reading another book of his, The Secret Message of Jesus, this is one that complements it ever-so-nicely, for it seems to be a very personal book of Brian’s journey.

It really comes down to the fact that you really shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; the project of Christianity which can seem more of a curse than a blessing holds a lot of hope.  There’s a place for orthodoxy, there’s a place for tradition, there’s a place for truth; but it’s a truth that is gloriously generous.

My prayer is that I might catch some of this generosity such that I let go of my self-pity, get out and take part in kingdom business, which is far more surprising and inspiring than trying to ‘save souls from hell’, as is too often the case.


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