The Highly Sensitive Person @ Work

There have been so many times that I have wanted to deny, or have been in denial, the fact that I am highly sensitive.

I mean, it just doesn’t go down well to be a sensitive male in our macho-dominated culture.

To put it into perspective, I just started a new job where all of a sudden I was handed a great deal of responsibility.

Not being accustomed to such responsibility, I have found myself feeling so overwhelmed that I feel like I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Many, if not most people, chase the dollars and take on the burdens to do so.  I simply cannot.  The dollars don’t mean a great deal to me, and the pain is too much to bear.

Being sensitive means that when I’m under the pressure, drinking what would amount to most as a small amount of wine will really loosen me up.  But it’s only temporary, and too much reliance on it has further repercussions the following day.

I know I can’t continue this, and know there are plenty of other opportunities more suitable.  But it certainly has taught me a bit about my sensitivity threshold.  It’s such a shame that very, very few people understand.  Imagine trying to explain to the average Joe or Jill that my sensitivity limits my job potential – they’d think I was just a lazy bum!


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