Stripped Bare

It’s time to peel away the onion and get to the core.

I have seen the world through the preconceptions of others, but now I am determined to separate fact from fiction.

What is real?  I can look at the computer that I’m writing these words on, I can feel it, I can hear the sound of the keys I press. I could even sense a particular scent if I placed my nose close enough, and I’m sure it would have a unique taste, though I’m not about to find out.

Facts are presented to the senses; fictions are the things of the mind that have no basis in reality.  If there is no basis for a thought or idea in reality, then it is merely a belief.  I am currently going through the process of challenging my beliefs so that I may live according to what is real.

This brings the whole idea of truth back from the ephemeral realm of spirit into the here and now.  Truth is everything I perceive.  I can’t perceive of a God, so according to my definition of truth, God is not true.  God is fiction.

That is not easy for me to express.  I feel an emotional tinge when I state that God is fiction.  Yet to live in the realm of reality, I must let go of beliefs, including those about God.

If God is true, then he/she/it will present itself to me as clearly as I can perceive my own body.  Since God has yet to do this, God is not true.

So much of my time has revolved around what I like to call mental masturbation; namely the playing with ideas over and over again in a self-pleasuring fashion.  Yet I can’t see, hear, touch, taste, or smell these ideas.  So they are really useless to me.

There is so much more to experience and enjoy in the world outside of my head.  Life is to be lived, not considered.


3 thoughts on “Stripped Bare”

  1. Interesting that I just watched The Matrix again last night.

    Morpheus: If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain

  2. I had The Matrix in mind as I was writing this one, so I just love the quote. Puts it all into perspective. When you bring it back to electrical signals it’s as simple as 0 and 1.

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