Your God is dead and no one cares
If there is a Hell I will see you there
Heresy, Nine Inch Nails

Such is the harsh tone that rings through Heresy, a song from the masterpiece of an album, The Downward Spiral.  What I would have considered a heresy to listen to many years ago I now find delightful.

I’m prompted to write now as a figure from that shadowy past has sent an email announcing his impending marriage.  He was hoping to reach a person who really no longer exists.  Such is the radical shift from fantasy to reality.

I prefer to burn my bridges.  I ran into another of the people who was a friend of that version of me caught up in the delusion, and I explained my move to atheism.  I’m not sure he could quite fathom it at the time.  It seems utterly pointless trying to create a new friendship based on something different than what was there before.

The feeling that runs through Heresy is the attitude I have towards my time of make-believe.  It was another way for me to avoid growing up and facing reality.  The only way I can gather my self-respect now is to utterly condemn my past.

Fate dealt me a blow of circumstances that led to a life of fantasy.  My contempt towards supernatural belief systems grows steadily, as I consider my wasted past, and as I see the stupendous folly that exists in the world by virtue of religion.

My mission is to face reality, and to encourage others to do the same.  I hope to see others liberated from the vices of the god in their minds, and the auspices of religious authorities.

Crossposted from my new blog, the edge of sanity


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