About Me

I created this as a record of a journey that began several years back, when I found that I could no longer believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and Christian faith.  The shock sent me into a very lonely and dark place, and I only feel as if I am now beginning to experience new hope and peace.

I reside in Queensland, Australia, where faith remains conservative for the most part, and where the culture is largely non-religious – while church attendance is still relatively high in my area.  I quite often feel like a very lonely and isolated voice, speaking silently in a language that few can understand.  For all of my life I have felt misunderstood, abused and disrespected, which is why I have felt drawn to matters of spirit and faith.

Discovering evolution has enriched my life immensely, and brings new truth and insight with each day.  I can now finally heal the hurt of the past through self-acceptance, and appreciate the entire faith and life journey that I have been on, while witnessing it evolve and grow.

Given how lonely this journey has been, I am always looking out for others who can relate with me, with whom I can share in mutual support and community.  Please contact me via the form below so that we may inspire one another in this glorious journey.